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bungee dot com - the bungee jumping and bungee stunt authority.  everything about bungee, bungee jumping, bungee equipment, bungee safety, bungee history and bungee television and film work. bungee masters (a bungee.com company) bungee bvridge in washington state, 45 minutes from portland, oregon.
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Casey A. Dale (D.O.B. August 13, 1955)

Educational Background: BS Psychology, minor Criminology/Sociology, (1977) University of Oregon. Subsequent graduate work in Therapeutic Recreation, Risk Management, Physics and Quantum Mechanics.

Casey Dale is a fourth generation native born Oregonian. He began his adventure seeking activities at the young age of twelve when he joined a Tae Kwon Do karate class at Southern Oregon College in Ashland, Oregon. Casey has pursued the Martial Arts since 1968, obtaining the rank of Black Belt in two different Martial Arts disciplines. Fourth Degree Black Belt in San Soo Kung Fu, First Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, Brown Belt in Kajukenbo Kung Fu, Brown Sash in Wun Hop Kuen Do Kung Fu and Blue Glove in Box'e France'e Savate (French Foot Fighting). Casey taught Martial Arts for five years at the University of Oregon and founded and ran a Martial Arts School in Eugene, Oregon for eight years. In 1988 Casey competed in the Tae Kwon Do Olympic team trials in Phoenix, Arizona and was a coach for women's team competitor, Dana Guardner for the Olympic team trials in Miami, FL.  Also in 1988 Casey assisted with the compilation and publication of the first ever book on San Soo Kung Fu; SUDDEN VIOLENCE: The Art of San Soo, and in 1991 with a second book on San Soo; PREDATOR, TRAINING THE INNER BEAST both written by Greg Jones and published by Paladin Press. Today Casey continues his Martial Arts training with an emphasis on health, balance and continuing to learning while  sharing knowledge and experience.

In 1975 Casey first went to work for the Circuit Court of Lane County with the Youth Services Department. For over 10 years he operated in the capacity of a counselor and director of special programs, which focused on developing the use of risk-taking outdoor challenge activities to help young people reshape their self-esteem and move away from chronic criminal behaviors. As a grant writer and director of the Community Alternatives to Commitment Hazards (CATCH), Program, Casey was successful in raising over $ 1million from the State Juvenile Services Commission to fund this program that helped in diverting youth from gangs and criminal behavior. Working in this capacity he was responsible for the development of curriculum, instruction and staff supervision of the following areas:

  • Outdoor stress/challenge experiential education activities
  • Community Service work teams that focused on park maintenance and forest trail construction as healthy youth projects.
  • Academic advising and monitoring including educational alternative programs and court school.
  • Vocational training and placement programs, positive peer counseling group sessions.
  • Substance abuse recovery network and support group.
  • Individual and family counseling programs.
  • First use of “PC” computerized case management tracking systems in the county.
  • Health and fitness program for both the youth and department staff.


A heavy emphasis of the Circuit Court corrections program was focused on using the out of doors as a teacher of natural consequences. While with the Youth Services Department Casey was involved in the following outdoor areas:

  • River Rescue- Casey is one of the first two certified Swift Water River Rescue Instructors in Oregon (certified through the international organization "Rescue 3").
  • Helped design and instruct rafting and rescue courses for the University of Oregon and numerous sheriff and fire districts throughout Oregon.
  • In 1981 the Oregon State Marine Board issued Casey his first license as a commercial whitewater rafting guide and river outfitter.
  • In 1986 Casey was one of the first seven American Red Cross certified kayak instructors on the west coast.
  • Whitewater Kayaking & Rafting trips were lead by Casey on the Rogue, Klamath, North Umpqua, McKenzie, Deschutes, White Salmon, Clackamas, Sanitam, Cal Salmon, Middle Fork of the Salmon and Colorado Rivers.
  • Casey along with U.S. Canoe and Kayak Team member Bryan Tooley organized and instructed the first Oregon Junior National Kayak Team formed in 1989.
  • Rock Climbing, High Angle Rescue and Mountaineering- Designed basic courses for beginners. Assisted with climbs on Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Washington, Mt. Shasta, Mt. Hood, Mt. Jefferson, and the Three Sisters.
  • Backpacking & Camping- Instructed on the principles of outdoor survival, low impact camping, map and compass, food preparation in the outdoors, and trail etiquette.
  • Skiing Alpine and Nordic - Developed and instructed programs for beginning and intermediate skiers utilizing principles of the PSIA (Professional Ski Instructors of America).
  • Mountain Biking - Created a mountain biking program teaching repair and maintenance, touring, bike camping, safety and outdoor ethics and mountain bike trail preservation.
  • Tibetan Bike Trek - In 1986 Casey was a team member of the first collegiate group of six to complete the Trans-Himalayan Bike Trek and ride at 15,000’-17,000’ from Lhasa, Tibet to Katmandu, Nepal.
  • Casey served as chairman of the Youth Services Department, Boy Scouts of America Explorer Post 533 from 1981-1988.
  • Chairman of the Lane County Youth At-Risk Recreational Consortium, Co-chair of the Governor's Children's Task Force. Youth Development Subcommittee for Lane County.


In 1988 Casey moved from county employment to the directorship of the City of Eugene's Parks and Recreation, Outdoor/Wilderness Program. While in this capacity Casey worked with Ron Petitti of Emerald Valley Resort, Dr. Mark Havens of Boston University and Erik Marter to design and build the first alter-abled accessible ropes challenge course in Oregon and one of the first public sector/private sector course in the nation. This course has served such groups as:

  • The Oregon Commission for the Blind.
  • Sacred Heart Hospital's Adolescent Recovery Program,
  • Mobility International's 17-nation alter-abled persons leadership conference, including the Soviet Union's Moscow Adventure Club with a delegation of disabled Soviets adventurers.
  • City of Eugene's Special Weapons and Tactical Police (SWAT)

In addition to these groups there were other many public and private organizations, which utilize this dynamic challenge course and were personally facilitated by Casey Dale and his staff.

While directing the City of Eugene’s Parks Outdoor Recreation Program the following listed program areas were supervised by Casey and over 60 full and part-time staff that he held full responsibility for including: budgeting, scheduling, staffing and staff training, risk management, curriculum planning and quality control of teaching methodologies employed:

First Aid
Bike (Tour/Mt./Repair)
Horseback Riding
Ropes/Challenge Course
Whitewater Rescue

Low Impact Outdoor Usage
Ice & Speed Skating
X-C Skiing
Snow Shoeing
Snow Camping
Map & Compass
Natural Science


From 1988 to 1991 Casey sat on the Board of Directors of the State of Oregon's Parks and Recreation Society (OPRS). Casey is the past president of the Outdoor Recreation and Educational Pursuits section of OPRS. Casey was appointed in 1989 by then Governor Neil Goldschmidt to sit on the first board to direct the newly formed Oregon Outdoor Recreational Resources Council. Casey represented the concerns of all municipalities with parks departments within the State of Oregon, and assisted in developing land use policies as part of the 2010 plan for the state.

Since 1988 when Casey founded Bungee Masters, Inc. and Bungee Safety Consultants and then Bungee.com, LLC in 1995 he has assisted numerous states, counties and municipalities to design and write safety guide lines and statues governing the activity of bungee jumping. As the co-author of the North American Bungee Association's (N.A.B.A.) Code of Safe Practice (and President of the N.A.B.A. since 1993) Casey has assisted the insurance industry to reduce the number of claims that have been filed within the bungee industry. Casey's companies Bungee Masters, Inc., Bungee.com, LLC and Adventure America Unlimited, of Las Vegas, Nevada have never had even one insurance claim filed against any of his companies due to the focus on avoiding incidents.

Bungee Masters, Inc. and Bungee.com, LLC has appeared in numerous magazines and newspapers including, Newsweek, Outside, Sports Illustrated, and the Wall Street Journal. The professionalism and safety focus of Bungee Masters lead to a cover photo and story for the July 1992 issue of "Public Risk Magazine" the national publication for professional risk management association members. In addition Bungee.com has appeared on many network and cable television shows including ABC, CBS, (The Amazing Race) NBC, FOX, MTV (Road Rules & Real World) Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters and History Channel’s Modern Marvels.

Since founding the various adventure companies backing 1988 Casey is proud of the fact that safety has always been and continues to be the first priority. None of Casey’s various companies have ever had an insurance claim filed and no serious injuries have ever been incurred by any of our thousands of clients over the decades of extreme adventure.


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